November 08, 2012
Inspiration in New York

There is nothing more I like doing than roaming the streets in New York. I always get inspired by the people, the fashion, and of course the interiors.

As I was walking in Soho, I passed by the new Tiffany in Soho, the flagship store. Normally I would not have been drawn in, but there was a stone so exquisite on the entry walls, that I felt a further investigation was in order. The entry walls were covered in stone called Amazonite which of course is predominately tiffany blue. I had never seen a stone so beautiful, but don't forget this is Tiffany!

The middle showroom had the lightest blue lacquered walls with inlayed mother of pearl magnolias, outlined in gold. This is where the decorative painter(which would be me) passes out from how unbelievable this finish is. Not to forget the office next to this room with the same pattern but verre eglomise walls. For those of you wondering what that gorgeous french word means, it is when you gild the back side of glass. The magnolia patterns were based on the stain glass window design from Louis Comfort Tiffany (son of the founder). Oh and the rug and chairs matched!

Just to keep us on our toes,the last room became more casual and relaxed. Still the touches were impeccable. Peacock blue leather sofas, coffee tables in blue glass, and a built in with original and sketches of tiffany past design.

Well I must say there is a reason they have been in business 175 years.

October 08, 2012
Well here goes my first blog...

I think for all these years I was thinking this decorative painting business was just a hobby. I mean, how is it possible to get paid to do what I love and carry such a passion for? After 15 years, I think it is safe to say I have found my calling! I really am looking forward to sharing our little world full of buckets of paint, bits of design, and a few travel adventures in between.

Many of you do not know this, but I actually got started in this career by going to garage sales. I would spend my weekends scouring these little sales searching for treasures. I would often stumble upon furniture that had a great shape but needed a new look. I would lug this sad pieces home and I remember my mom saying there was nothing I could do to help that piece. Well I had a different idea.....of course at the time I had no knowledge of finishes, products etc....but I was determined and inspired!

I paid $20 for my first piece and I am happy to say that an interior designer saw it completed and offered me $1200 for it. It is hard to explain but sometimes in life we know when things are just right and I knew I had found my path...I never did sell the piece because it felt like a little important stepping stone in my life. It still sits in my mom's proud bedroom. And yes here are the not look too closely, I have come along way, but not bad for my first try.

September 26, 2012
Sneak Peek

The paintress follows. Caroline Lizarraga and her tales of being elbow deep in buckets of paint from atop the highest ladders. Often covered in whimsical fabrics from flea markets around the world. Discover her inspirations as you watch her transform the old or new into things treasured and loved...
©2012 Caroline Lizarraga